EarthScore Values


Your trust is our most valuable asset.
Therefore we do everything to
earn, nourish & keep it!


No ads

You are not our product

We take data privacy serious

We are not influenced by manufactures

Recommended products are filtered solely by their overall sustainability ranking

We deliver a maximum level of transparency

“​Environmental protection first” is our mantra

Independency & Incorruptibility

Let´s address the Elephant in the room

The EarthScore A.I. is 100% objective and eradicates subjectivity and corruptibility. Our A.I. is self controlling, therefore wrong information and irregularities will be flagged immediately and are not used for EarthScore calculations.

We guarantee “no conflict of interest” – our planet comes first!

Let´s address the Elephant in the room

Open Source

Open Source

The EarthScore product visions are procedures to generate valuable information out of  countless data. The goal is to derive knowledge on how to live, consume & do business sustainably.
From our point of view, the EarthScore A.I. should be accessible for everyone who wants to build digital and sustainable solutions.
We think ending global warming is a task that can only be solved together. Therefore, the EarthScore technology is open source.
With the open source approach, we want to ensure that we can learn from each other and benefit from shared knowledge in order to achieve the greatest possible scaling effects for nature.

EarthScore A.I. Evolution

Continuous Deep Learning Cycle
Fast adjustments
Based on latest science
The more data points , the more crosschecks for an ever growing level of trust, knowledge & deep understanding of all interdependencies.